Our camera is never far away. Here are some photographs that have very special memories for all of us.
You are welcome to use any of the images for studies or educational presentations but if you are using them for anything else you must ask for our permission.



Sunshine Foundation Progeria Reunions

Washington DC, 16th-23rd June, 2000
Philadelphia, 15th-22nd June, 2001
Orlando, 21st-26th June, 2002
Orlando, 20th-25th June, 2003
Orlando, 18th-23rd June, 2004
Orlando, 17th-21st June, 2005
Philadelphia, 23rd-28th June, 2006

European trips & Progeria Meetings

Bad Munstereifel, Germany, 28th August-1st September 2002
Magdeburg, Germany, 24th-28th September 2003
Cologne, Germany, 29th April-2nd May 2004

Other trips to the US

New York, 24th-26th August 2002. This was a trip to appear on the Maury Povich show.
Los Angeles, 18th-25th August 2003. This trip was donated by the Maury Povich show

Children of Courage Awards

London, 11th December 2002

Chelsea v FC Porto

Stamford Bridge, London, 29th September 2004

Hayleys Wishes

Hayley recently had two of her wishes granted with the help of This Morning television and Hopes and Dreams.

Port Lympne, 23rd November, 2005
Marineland, Antibes, France, 3rd December 2005

Voices of Tomorrow

Nightfly Studios 21st January 2006. Here are some photos taken by Ian Tomey during the recording session of Voices of Tomorrow.





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